Sunday, 16 December 2012

lassitude ode

                  vacancy / strips body of energetic, / stagnant
                  dream saturate fed external
                                                            enforced in measure &
                  time signature to consume / emotional identification the
                  blueness limbs our ;;

                                                  choking on dominant positivism / arcane reportage
                                                  apologetic to social fabric & institutional profit-motifs,
                                                  our circulate caves on
                                                                                    inflation of
                                               strings & torn services.
                                                                                                 negates actual suffering
                                               documented in news sentiment / reconstituted history
                                               struck free of matter, the / poverty of the world bank / O
                                               hardships of yur times.
                                                                                   we gleaned knowledge, attempted

Monday, 26 November 2012

To Vladimir Mayakovsky

        objectivities :
                              enclosures momentary, the reproduction
        of quietude plugged 
                                       to relief, contingent.
                                       telegraphics historical to this homestead
now dazed off emissions, the daily
                                                      grounded upon wreckage
                                                      of common relationals,
shipwrights from surface, spontaneity, “friendship as a way of life”.
                              union fails you to bullet.
                              beneath concrete & glass...
                                                                         the logic upon my
                              lover fetishises her beauty, leaves.

        to break the capital’s substance / doctrine of bliss & suffocation
        indexed by ring & other, we might wake in peace.
the continuation of raids, the price of bread
                           & whisky, etc.;
                                                   wornout in the circulating hours

26.11.12, 00:04

Sunday, 21 October 2012


two readings !

Poetry for Sonic Youth
Friday 26th October

Poems inspired by/featuring/giving the nod to Sonic Youth. Oversized stripey jumpers, doe eyed, swaying movements all welcome. General lo-fi vibes abound. Bring your Kotton Krown.

Poets include:

* Amy Key * Nat Raha * Godkin Mor * Becky Cremin * Chrissy Williams * Tim Wells * Chris McCabe * Swithun Cooper * Saradha Soobrayen * Andra Simon * Roddy Lumsden * Francesca Lisette * Michael Zand * Marcus Slease * Pascal O'Loughlin * Sarah Crewe * plus others to be confirmed. 

Mascara Bar
72 Stamford Hill, London N16 6XS

"BETTER WEIRD THAN DEAD" - Cinnamon Buns Fanzine Launch

Cinnamon Buns Fanzine is a queer trans-faggy body positive zine and we love food, smoking hot babes, good music and dancing.

Halo Halo
Left Leg

Linus Slug
Nat Raha
E.A.V.E Ffrench

Cinnamon Buns Fanzine
Sina Sparrow

DJ Zomboy & DJ Supercasio (Bad Reputation)
The Choo Choo Trains

Free Cinnamon Buns for the 50 first people, goodie bags, all the Cinnamon Buns Fanzine swag you can imagine and other surprises!!

Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper St, London N1 1RU
7.00pm - 1.00am

Advanced tickets:

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two visual odes

Two 'Odes against Psychogeography' are currently live on the M58, a vispo magazine based in Liverpool :

"a hyena in a pretty frock / resident in Hackney, / which you do not believe in, / sharpening your love like flint" ~ Sean Bonney, The Commons

Friday, 14 September 2012

Two Sonnets


                                    adorned curiosity
                                                               taken to breeze pressed
                                                               of our urban , in sun &
                                                                                                   paved regular / antidote
                                                               from fray through intersect,
                                                                                                   led to humming & legs &&
                            cut hours slept desire curving across the body
                                                                                                   sparse; conversation
                            gives verdency you
                                                         hold tightly to public workspace
                                                         resident /
                                                                         & i am quickened by mutuals
                                    & fringe thoughts calm to hands, the poem’s
                                    sphere spinning tired in its longing to laugh
                                    inhibited –
                                                      by which i mean
                                                                                sensations tuned
                                    to fret tense / guard open, brockwell scattered
                                    w/ the quiet of studious girls & september.
                                                                                                       dusk hands alike the
                      flesh that will not know, or presently
                                                                               intellect & steady tones you
                                                                               thrive & utterly pair down

      “I’ll become the Lover of the quick world //
       For these trees waves and thieves I’m eager!”
                                                                  ~ Frank O’Hara

                                                                  worn by composure of praxis eager / finely
                                                                  reigning held open risk as
                                                                                                          night cannot drift out
                                                                  before crave cuts from body
                                                                                                              tangible want lips
                                                                  to drift back of hand met neck line &
                                              breath as the
                                                                  poem falls off the tongue dry / teary to
                                                                  clutch herstorical
                                && arid of rogue girls
                                & turn bounding out of our inches / would give
           in mindful of
                                you wrapping up locks mornings as the sun press thins / plural compensate,
                                the syntactic multiple of ‘more’; &
                                                                                     as gulls accompany seafront
                                                                                     threading sonnets w/ physicals, texture
                                            of hands curbing spent w/
                                        nights close limbs across rest

Thursday, 6 September 2012

news (belated)

Last month saw the publication of VierSomes #000 & #001, two quartets of work from"younger innovative writers" by Veer Books, namely Danny Hayward, slmendoza, Edmund Hardy, Sam Solomon (000, ed. Stephen Mooney) & Becky Cremin, Amy Evans, Francis Kruk & myself (001, ed. Ulli Freer). They're both weighty & of various densities, & should be available here.
My work included is a short set of political texts - 'polemics for loudhailer', written between May 2011 - March 2012, and involves a partly-livestreamed, partly-Whitmanic, partly-utopian-queer-critique & partly-kettled long poem.

Bits of work have also been appearing in various magazines: namely Angel Exhaust #22: The Romance of Insects, & Half Circle 4, both perfectly-bound and rather ace. More things and static to follow...

Friday, 20 July 2012


Damn the Caesars Launch, Cambridge - 2nd June 2012. Recorded by & thanks to Rich Owens

Thursday, 14 June 2012

untitled political tract


                                                                           reify yur gender: to symbolic
           read down to genital-norms, trans* dyke
                                                                           et al. equated to airbrushed magazine imaginary  
                                                                           non discursive
           where we are a tyranny implicit to female borders // immigration under neocons  
           [trigger warning] / in likelihood of verbal / systemic abuses
           as a cultural arbitrary &/or blotted to liberal
                                                                                 legal tenants /slash/ murder; the
                                                                                 violent circumscription of the real
                                                                                 less checked than our
                                   multitude performances, that
                                                                                 may or may not destabilise subjection  
            body’s potentiality intersects variable contentment levels; or                   
                                           narratives rendered through medical ciscentricism; or
                                           a basic sustenance permitted; or
                                           unintelligible through lacklustre pronouns of the daily/
                                           radical as marred top-down elitist police cordons//

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

news, readings, etc.

So, news. Firstly, thanks to those who came down/up/out to Hi Zero & Queer, The Space last week. Good times. Thanks to organisers.

Copious readings continue into June: this saturday in cambridge sees the launch of the hefty Crisis Inquiry issue of Damn The Caesars (its pretty ace), 2pm onwards at the Judith E. Wilson studio, english faculty. See links for full details of the reading and publication.

On Thursday 7th June, 7pm at Birkbeck (room TBC) will be the launch of Issue 3 of the fantastic Paper Nautilus, with contributors from all three issues (namely Caitlin Doherty, Francis Kruk, Francesca Lisette, Marriane Morris, myself, Connie Scozzaro) reading their own work and that of others. Full info will be posted here.

A few new poems have emerged in the aforementioned Damn the Caesars (four sonnets, written last summer) and new Hi Zero zine (a snippet of the final section of 'an untitled polemic for loudhailer') - complete with bright concentric circles on the back. Also, some of the images used as part of the Mendoza/Raha/Melling (feat. MacPherson) queer space are available to peak at on flickr, again working from some of the ideas of 'polemics for loudhailer' - forthcoming from Veer Books later this summer as part of their quartets series, in an edition edited by Ulli Freer.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Reading / Cambridge / Friday


(Friday 11th May, 19:30hrs)

(Saturday 12th May, 19:30hrs)

Judith E Wilson Drama Studio, Faculty of English, Cambridge, CB3 9DP

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

new polemic in two parts /(ii)

ii) to Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk

_______lyric moves bare to decolonise tone-
_______of-speech productivity, nuance risked
____________________________________ in mechanical terms. sky's
_______clime today a struggle from all view points of central /
_______south axis of the capital, territorial of 33-year oppression near-choked
_____________of radical life // dear Sean & Frances, comms methods
_____________on unconscious surfaces interpreted incorrect, via
_____________repetition of faux temporal absolutes when transportation
_____________links are severed / at capacity //
_____________by thames edge where the world of signs
_____________emits resonant humming from announcement
_____________sound canons / delirious americium
_____________/ markets of contemporary rationality, accumulations of its
_____________own projections / receipts as economic mythology beside
_____________winters post-mortem I
______________________________ am meaning to ask how a radical political
________________aesthetic can move beyond anger when entrenched in the
________________imaged nostalgia that is this present, elucidation is
________________beginning: rupture historic of mediocre repetitions–

______________________________reverse current to poverty’s normalization
______________________________we “surplus population”
______________________________oxygen the remaining untaxed
_______// half left on the underground into brixton w/ permanent
_______distractions fixated into ear canal, & bourgeois physicality
_______is not universal our class groupings are revocable
_______on their terms behavioural evidence / by symbolic arrests
_______attempts at silencing reported in dominant outlets the private democratic;

_______defaulted as threat, in the six days since this poem was written more
_______vital supports have been expropriated from the mausoleum of the state
_______/ endless acts of social violence ///
__________________in recording all tracers for echoes or nodes
__________________to redeploy in fallout, dreamt representations
__________________of political present ‘handbag’ gestalt
__________________her artefact magnetosphere / capital imaginary
__________________suspension of all future eras: there is no choice
__________________lobotomy of disintegrate total or insurrection

Thursday, 15 March 2012

new polemic in two parts /(i)

i) dedicated to Agnes Torres, from London
______________________________________________________subjecting flesh the
____________closest element to an actuality of possession & tenuous
____________logically to found autonomy; hectored quotidian
_________________________________________________complicit editions multiple
_________________________________________________litter / pacify early
_________________________________________________mental activity note
______reduction in / loss of concentration
________________________________ _headaches, blurring
_________________________________________________middle distance
_________________________________________________body closest to ownership
_________________________________________________slip hours all cases of
______ideo- span uniformed in the take had of our others, discursive
______image dominant reign secrete prod.-romance / baton / duct tape
______black mouth or
__________________populus rag hotline attempts to assume
__________________queer bodies into public interest the
______societies named as england / contain no national interest: any possible conjunction
______of these words is a lie / empirically corpsing a singularly imaginary
______/ iain duncan smith is a hate crime it takes a nation of liberals
_________to hold us back, & //

________________– sing, sing sing autonomy for all including the children –
________________arm about coat your
________________________________central eastbound / traverses prime
________________meridian its present particular we itch toward spring
________________wake to thaw other in mass transit verberate expense
________________bares class aggravate, they
____________________________________ apologise for delays
____________________________________ posited individualist

________________curve limbs this qualitative physical simmering
________________into hectored public counter-statement
____________________________________________ __‘arrested in
________________st petersburg for this! lovers or dollar-print rainbow flag
________________mutual cheek drawn across
_____________________________________now, cities senseless collectivity beau &
________________fine by the heavier particulate:
________________________________________denotes seasons transition
________________________________________will falter w/ the 97% humidity
________________take eyes to it the air quality
________________situate breathing wrapped on trees sun-thrown
___________________________________________________ _turn caresses out
________________frict the aural detritus rehashed

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

radical hectoring live

On Friday night the CAMBRIDGE UNION will play host to celebrity sex abuser and internationally renowned MISOGYNIST: Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Following a march & protest on the event, there will be an event that defies DSK's attempt to undermine and silence the voices of women who protest at the gross ABUSE OF POWER by men such as he. The following radical feminist [the good kind of rad fems, ie. not transphobes] poets will be reading: Marianne Morris / Laura Kilbride / Francesca Lisette / Reitha Patterson / & myself. Work by Lisa Robertson will also be performed.

9pm, Central Cambridge venue TBA. The event will also act as a fundraiser for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.


The Dismantled Cabaret
Saturday 17th March, 8pm, Free Entry

an evening of poetry, music and performance
Benjamin Sebastian (performance)
Iris Garrelfs (laptop voice manipulations)
Xiipal Lapiix (performance)
Sophie Robinson (poetry)
Jessica Hirst (performance)
Nat Raha (poetry)
George Mackenzie (electronica)
Elizabeth Guthrie (poetry)
Zac Gvi (wind instruments & musique concrète)

& others & others & others & others & others
will be involved in a large group performance

]performance s p a c e [
6 Hamlet Industrial Estate
White Post Lane
E9 5EN

Overground: Hackney Wick

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

(towards modern lovers)

“we have been administered a kind of political sedative –
we get marriage and the military and then we go home and cook dinner, forever.”
~ Lisa Duggan

in nerve’s fluoresce in
.______________drive forefronts embodiment vocal
.______________& eyeing !negation!
._____________________________‘gainst sublimates of systemic harm
._____________________________/ sucking common for its fixity / borders
.______________us impossible
._____________________ ___ever ejecting ‘the new apolitical correlate’;
.____________________ ____to externalise incoherence as mobile pyres for
.__________________ ______rational we
._________________________________sinthomatic declare redundant; or our
._________________________________breath held in exhale unattainable
._____________________ routemast fumes to wash up, perception
._____________________ to seek / call out liberal in specific:
._______ topographic element nauseating by glass, flyposting
._______ ‘social conservatism’: “[echoes] the problems of
._______________ modernity” “frantic nostalgia for [faux lapsed] comforts”–
._______________________________________________ where, obliged,
._______________________________________________ we figure love respectively
._____________________ __ erotics singing themselves away
.____________________ ___ from brush strokes prior to direct action ,

._______ to clasp palms to roast nectar / collar held, might
._______ induce the restful before dereliction
.___________________________________ carving ‘tecture f’ light more
.___________________________________ expose the separatist corp ‘gay-friendly’
.___________________________________ vainly failed to erase, act ii
._________________________ ______ .________________________perquisites
._____________________an arrow in the side of inclusivity
._____________________asks to start by
._________________________ _______ exposing our
._____________________physical indeterminancy
.________________________________________outside 14th floor tower bldg se1 7nx;
.________________________________________22 old queen st sw1h 9hp
._____________________& reconsider our potentials, our circulation