Monday, 26 December 2011


Department #5 is out now (A4. 44 pages. £2.50. Eight Poets); it includes part I of my untitled 'polemic for loudhailer' (newspaper banality, police tactics, Whitman in hackney, from liberty plaza to november 30th, "had eyes dazzled the shimmering track of tear gas"). there's a snippet in the below post. some of part II appearing shortly elsewhere.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

from a work in progress

________________________morning: fictitious modernity in london, the papers
________________________daily a series of violences to individual thinking only
________________________of arranged selves / a false tone-sociality
________________________to be conquered by columba livia
________________________late phase reification of the physical , for sport
________________________see liberty plaza post-economic or hackney our
________________________independent state , music rectified in the possible
________________________to clutch & sustain whilst
__________________________________________ andrew lansley hung
__________________________________________ no longer preventative.

____________________ in london / saturated symbolic our
______cutthroat affect dispels meaningless ideals
______of daybreak , echoes the specificity
______your handsomer motion we half mask to allure it
______resisting our supposed violations mayor bloomberg
______bestows, his bullhorn disrupts to aggravate /
____________________to deveil him to the 99 percent
______to the gloss’d violence of manhatten ahistorical
____________________how we adore in & by it,
____________________unknown unknowns
___________________________________to amorphic architecturals
___________________________________economic fault lines spewing //
____________________debt ceiling charred former
____________________fortunes littering sidewalk alike the
____________________handcuffs to lush unwashed revolutionary / troy
____________________davis / the 99 percent.

________________________________________meanwhile evening
____________________the victoria line idiocy breeds through newsprint dullening
____________________eyes pairs sore each sorrow gilded spectacular, darling
_______________________________ please recycle its dustjacket sensual
_______________________________ I would like to stroke your hurricane limbs.


Friday, 12 August 2011

poem written ahead of Brighton pride / community pride

____________of sky frame
_____________________ secure contractive in private def.
____________hung into its relation:
_______________________________faux total equates to fracture / loss to
_______________________________desire generalized normative
_______________________________by historical / conscious
__________________________________________________ to minimal our ;
________________now ‘fun’ mirage retails us & politic out,
____________________________ tag hung buys equality / in
________________parade’s spacing __ [supremacy partial
____________________________ as ‘allocate’ over ‘claim’

_______________________dreamt the market couldn’t comprehend
____________________________________& cried sickness to noise
_______________________of each I can now love.
__________________________lips vault percept standardised, the
__________________________margin we copulate & opens emphatic
__________________________to desire’s scatter / beau resignified:
__________________________sprouts in refuge zones from paradigms,
__________________________from condition

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

after John O'Reilly at Tibor de Nagy

_______________________________________from rubble
___________________________________ _____________invase to-sert focal
_______________________________________outlines brace ,
___________________________________________________bodies of wash
___________________________________________________construct autonomous
_______________________________________scissor fret toward sky, in
_______________________________________detourné / order
_______________________________________claim room to eroticise we
_______________________________________beneath the scape / ocean traverse
_______________________________________for rise emergent
__________________________ __________________________to relic
_______________________________________statuesque / fresh figured


Monday, 4 July 2011

Better Than Language:

an announcement from Chris Goode:
An anthology of new modernist poetries
edited and introduced by Chris Goode
Better Than Language brings together the work of thirteen young poets engaging with the broadest conceivable range of late modernist modes and strategies. Sometimes difficult but always enticing, the restlessly smart poems collected here offer a wide-open invitation to adventurous readers.


Paperback 234x156mm: 253pp
Publication date: 25 July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9563706-1-7

Launch events: 

Thursday 28th July:
Stoke Newington International Airport
London N16 7NJ
£5, or free entry with book purchase (£10 on the night)
Monday 8th August:
Hi Zero
details to follow -
for more information & pre-orders, see

Thursday, 30 June 2011

various news

so, news

The Paper Nautilus Issue #1 is very much out now, featuring work by Alice Notley, Posie Rider & myself. Available in fine blue card, nicely sized, and a mere £3.50. My work featured includes 'Flotation, symphonette' and 'Quarter' - a longish poem written between September and April. With thanks to the editors.

Also, The Second Annual Sussex Poetry Festival happens tomorrow & Saturday (1&2nd July) in Brighton, at the Nightingale Theatre (the one by the train station). Full details of readers & activities on the official website.

The number 52 Blue Bus makes its outing on Tuesday 12th July, featuring readings from Paul Buck, Nic Scott & I. Its stop is The Lamb, 94 Lamb Conduit's Street, WC1, scheduled for 7.30pm sharp. Will be reading new work, including a chunk of mute exterior intimate.

James Wilkes is spearheading a project of medicinal plant poems, connected to the Urban Physic Garden at 100 Union Street, Southwark. Featuring something around 100 poems, it'll include a reading at the garden on the evening of Friday 22nd July, and an anthology. More details forthcoming, plus even more exciting July activity. Hooray.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

_________________________ _)))) concerning dissidence:

_____ our / hoarse vital bartering a
_____ means-ends exclusion
______________________ exalting it poor & tiring equus
_____ its gentleman at wagon
_____ _________ ________armed w/ weaponry outlawed victorian.
_____ _________ ________the news
________________________))))_ _ according to corp:
________________we are the face civic vulgarity, employed beyond
________________morality’s declaration, obtrusive
_________________________________________ to the selling of the state
________________already twelve months of happiness

_____________________________________we, undesirable entirely–
_______________________ presently historic to survival’s ideal:
_______________________ hellenic strike giving purpose to transport / the
_______________________ beautiful language of our time in loudhalers
_______________________ before the bonfire the
_________________________ _____________ _corpse of the state
_______________________ / vibration is newculture & my throat hurts insolent
_______________________ in all attempts to find joy it is the new revolutionary
_______________________ weapon driving the MET out of our heads the
_______________________ paralysis of neo-liberalism
________________________ ___________ ________inflation will not
_______________________ be a threat comrades: thatcherism
_______________________________________________ __ a synonym
_______________________ for erosion & failure to find work;
________________________________________each day’s new offensive


Sunday, 8 May 2011

nine lines after A.N. & T.R.

china clutch
_______ __toward clarity, weigh on lip & 
curves dispersal to 2nd & third scent exo
_______________________________ relieves adenosine in
draw, desire sate, activity pressing you for speech
yet morning slow serene us & you
tip legitimate
__________ / det.|productive|:
__________________ambient to denizen
_________________________________comf in the sprawl lived
__________________cognate by, that
_____________________________._arms us as danger (gladly) we or
__________________I (or we) long the fracture; envelope by create
__________________enter fleck sand starts to build
_________________________________________ claiming presence from the daily

Thursday, 5 May 2011




london letting the neck-breath / splitten
_______________________________w/ drawn light. answers
________________________greensprung, reminiscent in riches
________________________entirely ours in the cusp:
______________________________ give it to balmy, or
_____________________________________________adrenal by synapse

towards public / unused for the discipline absent
_____________________________________________________________ or inaccess

____________lamp nurse in seaward
_____________________________ ambient to curve capital it’s
____________edge raising our closeness as percept
________________________________________ corneal, how no day will stilt;
____________apologies cleanse in fracture, worn
_______________________________________outward from pivot glimmer
____________to venture:
________________________relinquish sepulchral
________________________“that love may
___________________________________ live" past braver & depreciate our I’s sparsely ;

___________________________________ era particular / embracing the waking haze:
___________________________________ spin intonation from its feed, dare
___________________________________ to exhaust, to bring hours’ bliss
_________ housing
_________ ______equals art smears__ E9: yards
_________ between decades minimised need you
______________________________________ glance singular the
_________ barbed fence catch 60s plastic
_____________________ ___________ to seal you from potential
_____________________ ___________ damages they thrive
_________ _______________________ local / afford the damp
_________ _______________________ cut high-density.
_________ overcast permanent
_________ this postal code cognition
_________ domesticated: graffiti
__________________________ erasure prior to even opportune
__________________________ only echo of radios or youths
__________________________ in self-parody
__________________________ / an inscript dialect
__________________________ throats empty w/ trade names
________________ _________________________________ & popular tunes
__________________________ the brickwork sublimates:
____________ these source comfs will feed flesh / photoreceptors, impacted
____________ as piecemeal topography the chief
_______________________________________constructors curate
_______________________________________the future-pejorative
____________ to recode the human-spatial
____________ the sense-impart to resident: hi-individual ‘you
____________ may discharge your wearied
____________ thoughts by skyview,’ in
_______________________________nouveau / streetlit monolith
_______________________________/ higher you needn’t
_______________________________prole out resolutions your
_______________________________television source enough
_______________________________alls will is blue / sky.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

“Something ... toward the lie ... body, placing ... conceptual fetter” was nutshell, whirls hedonistic as circular thought, focal at its tip. These were some uncoverings between utopian gasps although to claim something transferable perhaps was a little far, short crop fluctuated status leading to our realization & embarking away from presuppositions we’d held, although... no, not more provocative to those who’d borne & nurtured. You’d think sitting shoal’d be the collective erasure of all the potential bullshit that springs reactionary – that’d possibly be enacting naivety under the joyous engendering rays we enthalpicly drew into the furthering. I detract – the departure critically stepped : fertility : reconfigured to be constructive, fear was at the piano recomposing Schoenberg, dischord required to unset & to fear alternate was also stepping / outmoding. Then perception, indoctrinated in situ; volatility towards all constants (_________ _______) we slowly sheered with every potential clasp, fluidity as standardization.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

tfl emission advertisement::_____it is green
__________________________________ / cartoonlike in london, vans
__________________________ round & primary not to
__________________________ abet pave users the west-centre
__________________________ safe / freer it’s
__________________________________ opposing radius coloured haemoglobin, conjunct
__________________________ timeless &
__________________________________ wreckingball it’s devils
__________________________ still wait the bus / choke hazard like
__________________________ nauseating all automobiles, the children learn v.a.t.
__________________________ practise transit the
_________________________________________filth in our orifices
__________________________ the architecture coal-face semblance
_______________________________________________________cover your
__________________________ gasmasks sq. bench let noses evolve
__________________________ & live short just cars / cars / the markets
__________________________ cannot know us by these soot-visage all’s pleasant
__________________________ w/ emission
____________________________________mare st. against pedestrians
__________________________ left to bystand by mech-bridle this
_____________________________________________________the new representation

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Veer About

VEER ABOUT is live, and is nothing short of colossal with about 50 contributors, providing all sorts of multimedia poetical pleasures. So click about & feast. There's a five of mine in reverse chronological order, starting in October '10, leading back to June [the coda from Octet], with Linus Slug, Elizabeth Guthrie & I failing to find a cash point somewhere amidst.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

for Laurie Penny

to split entrope / states
evoked framework rapt it
would be lips “stuttered lusts::”
automate, no probable song
of origin

_______ / or grasp language
_______ even fractal w/in the mouth,
_______ to know this is
_______ immute-material, to
_______ resignify is sabotage.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011


some new words are out onto the internets following CRS #10 last Friday - click here to download the pamphlet from the event. Much Thanks goes out to the CRS team.

Friday, 14 January 2011

from 'mute exterior intimate'

capital bright AM graze silhouette overground the
______________ ________lineage worth chill slight broadcasted
to reside removed from the
purchase free / media ,
____________________& the wait / long’d vocal in vowel
always dryness
____________ sow the hawk in dream climate & sow
________________________________ your speak
________________________________ to liase
________________________________ dry ocean a
dust/act vagueness upon eyes–
inducing contrast monochrome


Saturday, 8 January 2011


light hung 340 days about inhabitation
________________________________its otherness actually just
exterior to
_________economic / social an existive condition outlaw’d claret
ideal. within it you can witness your own victimisation live by a
____production you’re obligated to license; it will be republished
____across national w/ a
lone echo of this space confined to
blogroll the
_________ guardians true to normative, the
_____________________________________pitchforks are
metaphysically speech cleaved
_________________________this breathing’s exige, or health
unabated, oppositional to relations enforced they
_________________________________________ cyclic, erased
at the 19th floor or less,
soil chokes / aim’d beneath / to abolish
__________________________________ignorant /neo-paradigm
____dwp / set the lapse & note non-thaw
__________________________________ extremities / our
____/ fluid vitals / as graffiti / temperament


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

new poems at "Intercapillary Space"

Three new poems of mine out into this world of ones & zeros - residing at "Intercapillary Space". They're from an ongoing piece titled mute exterior intimate. With thanks to Edmund.

 photograph by Joana Linda