Friday, 20 October 2017

Arika - Future Fustice in the Present - Saturday 18 Nov, Glasgow

Arika Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist
Future Justice in the Present

KUCHENGA, Nat Raha & Jackie Wang

Sat 18 November
2 - 3.30pm
Tramway / Glasgow 




The advances of digital technology and new media platforms are providing women of colour with newfound space to liberate and educate outside of traditional institutions.

Artistic work that is causing major eruptions in popular culture. Abolitionist politics that is helping to envision a world previously seen as utopian.

Jackie, Nat and Kuchenga will share how their intersectionality is a living breathing practice and why we can’t allow borders to disrupt solidarity.

Thought and action, writing and protesting. In 2017 the importance of a militant literature that reflects on our world is manifest—we need a journalism, a poetry, a theory, to articulate the world we need to exist now, and the one we want to exist beyond it. What can we learn from writing across genres by agitators, activists and abolitionists? Do new technologies of communication offer us wider horizons for forming political worlds together or merely constrain and foreclose our ways of being social?

Accessibility: venue has level access throughout. The event will include British Sign Language interpretation & State-to-Text Reporting (STTR) Captioning.

Monday, 9 October 2017

more poems in mags

some poems, and audio recordings of poems, £/€xtinctions appear here in The Believer Logger - partly to document some of performances from this summer.

more poems also appear in excellent company in the new THEM lit journal, issue 3.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

tory nation heresy ad palate

after Peter Manson

pry me
rime sinist there
tear here
res et sa
may bank
reat lease
con day urk
ban king
in tut
ye bank ral
spurt lord king first
chair fed
serve under carter and reagan, what quale-bank
myst you, governor,
imp rove re
forms of eng
fining der
a well-lag
late market.

re ark ket con o
my, per rating undulations, is the
reatest age // evict
vile hum gresse
gravel court
night cleaves scum / lover
consumptive charges
mute rip leer
values goth
eve glen erects chivalrous romp
severe prole mulch
glum hell / conservator
grieves malevolence crop hurt
s scotch glee super
hurl spec revives conglomerate
leech scorn purgative elm overs
avert decree

. pact sacrifices
ordinary work
lose people
lose faith
lose free market capitalism
lose no my eco
not irk gown
as hould convey, our
eyesore in it
unrepresentable doss
ho hum componentwise rule
erode / debased
sade soberer dented
deeds a
debtors eden

but as we do so, we should never forget
the immense value and potential of an open,
fervent aim, revoke
naïve faint term atom mockery
with the disheartening lag / slur rout
when countries terminators make kitchenettes
inflict poor-pot meeker ease, the same things
mortality increases / expectancy falls
absolute poverty grows, disposable / income shrinks
access to education plummets, rates of illiteracy widen
part ici nullification plea, and more people
counteract bitch one

it is in open, free market economies latch coin hurt breaks are made
overdraft rims poem and lives
                                                 / it is in open, free
market economies bled professional / dreamers’ net

meaty crook men free / unordered nauseas
run till, is the covalent racist
fleet of dogmas, revenue, retch
new stag-
nation without dark / the
frighten hot-gloat in essence, consists

of an open law, with tonal falsehoods, masquerading  
automatically caged government, taxing
evict public vices
freely available to all citizens, according to need.

that is unquestionably the best, and indeed the only sustainable, means of deceasing
everyone in a country, and we should
never forget that defacing the living standards
and nitroglycerine the ordinary working people
of all economic polemic cop plot
helping each britrut
to long, fuller, more secure
than the one which left before no
tract rine or ideo-
logical contempt – but
throttle, profit & banish

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

autumn readings around the UK, magazines & 'transfeminine brokenness, radical transfeminism'

hi all,

huge thanks to the folks who came to the I Write, I Rise reading, with Eli Clare (!) on Saturday at the Scottish Poetry Library. If you missed it, Scottish PEN are producing a podcast for the project, which will be out in the new year, and I answered some questions about the project here.

Poems & an essay: a bunch of my poems have appeared in Zarf Nine and EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts issue 9 (online); also in Tripwire 13 (free pdf) and forthcoming in Hold: a journal's 3rd issue, on Subversion.

I have a poem in the special issue of Critical Quarterly on Tom Raworth (59.2), a response to re-reading Raworth's 'Ace' that includes a solid cast of poets, civil disobedience and cats.

A couple of poems also appear in Outskirts zine, a social practice art project of textual and visual exchanges on liminality and identity, focused strongly around trans & queerness.

And my essay, 'Transfeminine Brokenness, Radical Transfeminism' appears in the latest South Atlantic Quarterly (116.3), in the dossier on trans recognition in 2017, which includes essays by Eric Stanley, Amanda Armstrong Price, and an intro by Aren Aizura. It's an poetic essay on affects, trans life, transmisogyny, the racial and gendered division of labour, and ways of supporting each other socially/discursively. If you can't access the journal via Duke Uni Press, you can read the essay here.

Readings: this Autumn, I'll be reading in Glasgow (27 Oct), Edinburgh (12/11), Manchester (tba), Edinburgh (1/12, tbc), London (Outskirts Zine reading with Mendoza/Linus Slug, 4 Dec), Southampton (Entropics with Mendoza/Linus Slug, 6 Dec) and maybe Brighton too. Details will appear on the side bar (which doesn't load on a mobile browser) as they're confirmed, but the Glasgow details are:

Friday 27th October 2017
Peter Manson Symposium

Readings and performances by Sarah Hayden, Nat Raha, Jo Lindsay Walton, Mendoza, Nicky Melville, John Hall, Jane Goldman, Vicky Langan, Food People and others TBC.
Pollok Ex-Servicemen’s club, 111 Titwood Rd, Glasgow G41 2DG.
further details at

Monday, 31 July 2017

de/compositions pamphlet

is out now from Enjoy Your Homes Press. strikes, seascapes, manic street preaching, queer transfeminist dreaming in the hours of the emergency. its 40pp. and £6.

you can buy it online here: huge thanks to Linda Kemp for making it happen. and thanks to Mendoza for the cover image.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

reading in Edinburgh, 22 May + poems in datableed

I'll be reading in Edinburgh with Rob Halpern and Peter Manson on Monday 22nd May, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. 7pm, free, fully wheelchair accessible. More details and tickets here.


I have a couple of recent poems in the new Datableed. They're from a sequence titled de/compositions, which will be out as a chapbook soon.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

from £/€xtinctions

                                                                                        class war machinations
                                                                                        :: leverage our quantified
                              status & nationhoods, stats deserving
                              & productivity,, our very fabric of means /
                              vital sustenance / processed healths & abilities
                                                      , wavebreaks through caring, governance
                                                      anxiously lived, private, the
                                                      site of all character assassinations & appeals
                                                      , our bureaucratic worth;;

                     reacts spirit tends injection drill
                     flesh pierce to cuff / removal
                     , violations procedural revenues
                                                                      , captures airborne / meteorological [%] an
                                 election to be waged on
                                                      / centrigual statistics,, geographies of removals &
                                                      repossession orders,, human shreds & divisions
                                 , forecast [::] winters / contractions, decomposed wages,
                                 provincial england, forecast [\
                                 theresa's bitterest hands

                                                                 a global history of movements
                                                                 , growth lies, bitter
                                                                 invasive uk, blood
                                                                 types & genomes,
                                                                 crashed electoral futures
                                                                 / insolvent cities & admini-
                                                                 strations, our possible urbanity
                                               ; against england :: centuries revolt
                                               common / deletions of wealth,
                                               airspace shutdowns &
                                               detentions,, a tendency towards
                                               the abolition of england
                                               its primal violent loves.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

£/€xtinctions zine

'£/€xtinctions' - a zine/pamphlet of pre-brexit prophecy and disintegrations, is now available from the (NEW) sociopathetic distro tumblr. 51pp. £1-7 pay what you can.

Readings in Leeds and Sheffield

Wednesday 12th April 2017
Zarf magazine presents
Nat Raha + Gloria Dawson + Jazmine Linklater

Wharf Chambers (downstairs)
Ground Floor, 23 - 25 Wharf Street, Leeds LS2 7EQ
7 for 7.30pm - 9pm
Free, but donations are welcome.
Venue has ramped wheelchair access to the rear of the building & a portable hearing loop available on request (full info here).

Thursday 13th April 2017
Electric Arc Furnace

Eley Williams + Nat Raha

La Biblioteka
70 Pinstone Street, Sheffield, S1 2HP
Doors 7pm.
£4 waged / £3 unwaged / pay what you can.
Access info TBC. If you have access requirements, please contact

electricarcfurnaceverse [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Radical Sounds, London, 2nd March

I'll be reading in London, alongside Sean Bonney and Orlando Harrison, as part of the Radical Voices exhibition at Senate House Library.

We'll be invoking some demons of the archive, the kind that shut down fascists and totalitarian universities.

Thursday 2nd March, 6pm, in the Beverage Hall, Senate House, Malet St, London WC1E 7HU
Tickets are free and can be booked online here.

Venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

from 'de/compositions'


                       for what we may be
                                                      the left from a future torched,
                       working to deeper life
                                                         , we: lost girls, broken femmes / deviant
                                                         aching spines & flesh,
                       built on the shuttered mouths of rape apologists
                       , vibrantly storms but does not just march, all
                                                                             fed, a collective support
                                                                             of all possible skins / builds  
                                                                             conceptions & homelines to [ [
                                               undercommon post
                                       -poning the fresh govern
                      -ance of recognition / siren clawing
                 up the street, teaches an ftp through all
                              action,, feels beyond the future
                                                                             ruling fascists store for us / eyes
                                                                             closed on its corpses / present
                              in tonight’s dreams, the dead left
                              do not want us to love as much as this
                                         , we:  anxious girls, slept debt,
                                         certain siblings, on call to the street
                                         , bandagers, we gossiped / kissed through our repressions abet
                                         vicious nights, an urgent existence fleets
                                         into & out of these burning days


                                                                              of how we might be living tonight. in
                                                                              -hibition of possible hours, move
                                                                              ments, purged actualities,
                                                                                                 the era closed
                                                                                                 , bitter grievance
                                                           that calls itself a norm ::

                        gradients & the system
                                                           atic regulations of senses / de-
                                                           regulated wires & debtchains / the systematic
                                      slaughter of those invoked in the ink on your skin / girls
                                      who flamed social revolution,          . red

                                                history of poetry we warmed bones / decade on
                                                , the decline of all winters for its remainder were sick
                                                the warmest month our blood vessels on record again our skel
                                                -ter ‘mones & chemicals
                                                we lived this to the fabric

             . a full week since white fascists stormed democracy five
             months of theresa ,& the new defence regime scripted
             already in royal / flooding the eco
             metropolis & circulate [| draining
             our possible friends.
                                                           ripped language neighbourhood / we
                                                           never lived a realm of safety / they come
                                                           for our skirts & eyeliner repelled
                           by the glamour of our flesh / weaponise your heels
                           as the senses we live by. you
                                                      are so brilliant & vicious, all of you
                                                       , what we try to hold through timezones
                                                      / against the fascists from the danube to the
                                                      pacific to the latest belt of radiation. clutch off
                                                      & denigrate all nations

                                                          & their fables out of our skins

                                                                                                            [november 2016]

Thursday, 5 January 2017

reading/trans & genderqueer poetics in Leith [Edinburgh]/13 Jan

friday 13th january 2017
leith, edinburgh

they came from within: trans & genderqueer poetry love-in

a full line-up of trans and genderqueer poets
with strange and heartening and disturbing and liberating wordsplus an open mic for you to take part in
and relaxed socialising afterwards
raising funds for Dannii's House, local independent LGBT+ homelessness support work
all audiences welcome

f : e : a : t : u : r : i : n : g
editor at Topside Press and the founder of the Trans Poets Workshop

poet and queer/trans* activist, published by Veer Books, sociopathetic distro, and more


we have some open mic slots for trans and genderqueer writers, email to book one


writer and performer, co-founded inky fingers & anatomy, published by freight

the constitution bar
48 constitution street, edinburgh EH6 6RS
level access venue; gender-nonspecific toilet; BSL interpretation of poetry & compare
£pay-what-you-can donation


[revolutions on queen street]/[styrd manig nines]

[revolutions on queen street]
[stryd manig nines]

                                                we’re a
            mess of eyeliner / chic dole lips
            / for real ,& spray paint
            at seventeen:

                adore.   your.   failure.

            in our future bores sunshine, gonna
            burn the claustro-
                you will hear

            this is a message from occupied england
            , such deep & sucked corporate slums
            :: forecast / soothe, our

                              strychnine flag scum barc
                  , poems on credit      / injection –lays

            heritage a corpse: drill lessons so/
            beautiful in sani-
                    ``, condemned / masochist
                                    –– with you i skin sinners

believe. // first world boredom, instantly
drain coke/exxon[:] let the spill gorge
-ous – donald’s famine / more real in mc
that will bring out freedom to life
                                                    , worms
                     . underneath skies dying
      beautiful europe / empty, blue:: is
      by our dreams baby,, pretty in eye-
      liner, broken in security,
      : fall to the floor / I no longer  

in debris / live, we
strung out sluts want our
own //

            every house in the quiet
rot has a conscience , delicate pieces
of scream

                                 // write
this alone : every dayspit
feels a corridor / fashion’d
glitter in feeling well

            see liberals pale
                                    , sanctify
            are an extinction / is
            known a relic
                                 all promise––
                 shareholding a piece of this
                 applause, icon, postcards, oil
                 -on-canvas, countryfucking / give

                                               a shit / vote
            conservative / straight
            imitation dignity,, tragic
                                                 mouths open –

            schooled against the soul
            dismay / feels an o.b.e.
            sells at market

                                   / patronise
            against the soul ,  close
            the pits, misery tours my

                                // anxiety frag
            -ments your landscape, sleepwrite
            this alone if its
            real against the soul

            repent .  find refuge .  grey
            not neon, grey not real /:
            loose home, maggots scream/er
            response / flesh
                                     disappears ––

            mistook flowers for union jack &
            spat,, trace creation. police vic-
            tory is / bows down to surrogate
            ; now tell the difference/ before
            lawyers :
                          starve like everybody else

            loser .  liar .  comes to court
            recreation for blank stars // too
            much white in the stars & , tie
            him   naked & stern & merciless

                                            #] as weeds is
                                    false oxford st. bull
                                    -fight/ a week later    no
                                    one cares // your love
                                    -ly effigy / tongue sold

            everyone is guilty .  pure
            or pendulum spec
                                        -tat/or fragments
                                        & bigots lovely ––

            democratic abyss / caress(es)
            moral odour fine colt equal
            : abuse dignified// in come midges
            reagan, stalin, thatcher, napoleon,
                 khrushchev, hitler, mussolini, churchill, chamberlain
            && designer coffee lears, I
            can’t remember the first line